Saturday, 16 November 2013


The news that Cossy Orjiakor has insured her boob for N256m went viral a couple od dy ago. I refused to post it beause I knew there was no way that was true. In this interview with Vanguard,  Cossy denies the rumor and also talks about  getting married next year or having a baby. Very interesting and hilarious interview, read below;   

We learnt that you have insured your boobs for N256 million. Is it true?

It’s  not true. Sometimes, some of these bloggers just cook up stuffs that are not true. But it sounds so interesting, that’s why I didn’t want to confirm whether it’s true or not. Let the story just be. 

Why don’t you want to talk about it?
It’s because the story is a fiction. Somebody just cooked it up. I don’t know anything about it. I didn’t tell anybody I’m insuring my boobs. It’s something that somebody just cooked up somewhere. The story didn’t generate from me neither did it generate from my Twitter handle or Instagram. 

But do you have the intention to insure your boobs ?

I might do it, or not. But I don’t want to talk about my boobs here.  

Don’t you think, you are being misunderstood by your critics?
That’s  not my business what people think about me. But it’s my business what I think about myself. I feel good, I’m happy, I am myself and I’m not a fake person. Yet I have a lot of fans who love me. People tend to pretend a lot.
When you are simple and down-to- earth, they will not want to identify with you. I don’t fake myself. Life is all about  having fun, and what is the best time for me to catch my fun than now that I’m still young, and not when I’m old and gone. 

Do you feel hurt each time, people address you as queen of boobs?
That word was first used by BBC focus on Africa when they described me as Queen of Boobs. I am okay with whatever you choose to call me.

How often do you get angry?
 I stock my house with food stuff. So, each time I’m angry, I keep on eating and eating until I get satisfied. 

Is Cossy in love?
Now or before? 

Both now and before? At the moment, I have a lot of people that love me. I’d fall in love. But when I'm dating someone, I hate to make it a public affair. I can’t even take a picture with my man in public. But I can take pictures with my fans.
Anybody you see me pose for a shot is my fan. I wouldn’t even agree to share the same table with my man at a function. This, for me, is a way of avoiding  people raising eyebrows. 

Are you saying that you are not in love at the moment?
I don’t know! Anyway, I will be getting married come next year. 

You mean, you are getting married for real?
A woman gets married when she is ready to get married. I will get married next year or I will make a baby next year. 

Who is the lucky man?
I don’t know.

Have you been embarrassed before in connection with your boobs? I don’t even give room for such things. Nobody can walk up to me to do any nonsense. You dare not try it. My  boobs are real, full and fresh. When you see good things, you appreciate them. But don’t dare to touch them. You know what is good. When I’m old and my boobs are not firm any more, I will cover them.

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  1. Never believed it for a second when I saw it too. Where she wan get that kain money? From her ashawo job? Or failed acting and music career?