Thursday, 15 August 2013


Guys, Millicleo has sent in her pic (above) showing what she would have loved to work on if she has the means to, which is her nose.  According to her, people tease her and say she has a small and short nose and she would love a nose-lift. Bullshit!  My dear, your nose is beautiful and I'm not saying that just for the sake of it. This is to show you that most of what we believe are imperfections are what makes us unique and beautiful except for my feet ofcourse, hehe. See fine girl no pimples o, no make-up and still gorge! Guys, what do you say? No insults pls, ya'll know how classy we are on this blog.

As for others, I'm still waiting for your pics o. All of us must do this. It'll help you feel a little bit better about it. We can just laugh a little, but that's it.


  1. Milli baby dnt mind anyone dat says ur nose is warrever o,ur nose is as perfect as it can b. Wen u talked abt ur nose,I tot it was goin 2 b as wide as a trailer park....tankGod its nt. Its btiful dear,pls tink of smth else u myt wnt 2 change bt certainly nt ur nose.

  2. lol @ 'I tot it was goin 2 b as wide as a trailer park'. Milli, you're perfect as you are. Ain't nothing wrong with your nose. It's the typical African nose. Beautiful.

  3. Wow! *Head swell* Raquel you made me rush to the mirror to look at my face again, just to know if i am that beautiful the way you described me on this post. Thanks for saying am beautiful and I have a perfect nose. My self esteem has been boosted with your comments Chubby Ellah and Madame, thanks for your nice words about my nose. This coming from you guys, I will say to hell with what other people will say about my nose from now on. Was just dreaming of having a pointed nose you know. Since the nose issue has been ruled out, then I will say am perfect. I have a flat tummy so I won't need a tummy tuck, I have a medium size breast so I don't need a breast enlargement. If it's possible for me to increase in height, that is another thing I would have opted for, am 5.6ft and would ave loved to be 6.2ft. Apart from that, I like the way I am. >>Millicleo<<