Sunday, 26 May 2013


It can be kinda frustrating attempting to look stylish and fabulous this season of torrential downpour. The rainy season is every commuter’s worst nightmare because the sometimes unpredictable nature of the rain can ruin a fabulously styled fashionista like you.…the flooding, splash of water by a speeding car, crowded bus-stops and endless traffic are just some of the annoying things about this season. Can I get a witness in the house!

Amidst all these, you can still look sunny, stylish and protected from the cold. Rainy season fashion can definitely be sophisticated.
  1. Invest in a gorgeous raincoat, trench coat, cardigan and leather jacket; Feel free to experiment with the sporty, colorful, as well as more glamorous ones. I particularly love me a double-breasted trench coat, it's so chic. You can wear it with a formal outfit or go casual by pairing it with a (turtle-neck) top and jeans.
 Let your umbrella portray your inner fashionista; don't just go for any umbrella, get a uniquely  stylish one. You're a fashionista, not a drab. However, don't forget, it should be big enough to keep you from getting wet. I don't see the point of using an umbrella so small, it doesn't protect you from the rain.

Accessorize with a scarf; this will not only keep you warm but the right color and print will add to that ubber chic look. 

Rubber/latex shoes: I know you might go, 'rubber shoes? No way!' Relax, rubber foot wear comes in so many exciting forms and colors these days, not the back-to-school kind, but some great designs like stylish flats and latex pumps. They’re the best thing for the rainy season. But you do not have to totally give up your designer shoes, all you need to do is to have a pair of rubber sandals/shoes in your bag for when you're stepping out of the office or the house. You can then swap them for your designer shoes when you get to your destination. But try and avoid suede shoe totally this season, you don't want to risk ruining them.

Wear braids/Ghana weaving: I know you would rather rock your expensive weaves but let them rest a while. This is the time to rock that beautiful, big, long braids 'cos it's easier and cheaper to maintain if it get wet. Ya'll know you don't want the rain ruining that really expensive Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, virgin, etc, hair. If your braids get wet, you don't need to go to the salon to fix it, all you need is a hand dryer and some hair oil and your braids is as good as new. Plus there are so many exciting ways to style it (will bring you how to style your braids soon).
Go with a patent leather hand bag: This is to avoid the rain destroying the items in your bag. Patent leather bags are resistant to water and easy to clean when wet. Don't compromise your style, invest in some stylish patent bags.

Also, because of the puddles of water every where, wear clothes that are far-reaching from the ground, like ankle length trousers and don't wear dresses will sweep the whole city, hehe.

Don't forget to always keep a plastic cap in your bag. Ladies, do not forget the essence of this post; to look fabulous despite the rain.

Lots of love!

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