Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Joshua at LASUTH
The security guard, Joshua Musa, that was shot by policemen who responded to a distress call at his residence on Saturday at Ikota, Lagos (if you missed it, read it HERE) is in a critical condition. Doctors at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja are battling to save his life.

Joshua, 22, was shot in the left side of the chest and abdomen by the policemen, who responded to a distress call when armed robbers stormed the house. His brother, Nuhu, who also witnessed the incident, said the five policemen started shooting sporadically at anything that moved immediately they came into the compound after the robbers had left.

One of the bullets was said to have gone through Joshua’s chest and went out of his back. The second one was lodged in his abdomen but removed in the hospital and he has received four pints of blood since he got to the hospital. Doctors are trying to determine if any bullet fragment was still lodged in his body. Joshua had a pipe passed to the two entry wounds in his chest and abdomen.

A tenant, Femi Badejo, a banker, pleaded with the policemen that he was a tenant in the house but they shot at him and when he hid under a car, they kept shooting at him. Also, a woman who offered to show the policemen her room just to assure them she resided in the house was also shot but the bullet only grazed her head. 

A bunch of unprofessional radicals, read what the Police PRO had to say after the cut...

Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, said the Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko, had ordered an investigation into the incident. She said, “When I spoke with the area commander on Sunday, he said after they received the distress call, a team was sent there and they met the banker lying under the vehicle.

“I think they must have thought he was one of the robbers because as the team was coming, someone within the house was telling them that the robbers were still in the compound. They then shot him but they met the security guard already shot.”

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