Saturday, 3 November 2012


In response to the demand of the terrorist group Boko Haram, for Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to act as a mediator as one of the conditions for a ceasefire, CPC in a statement today said Buhari will not be acting as a mediator. Read their statement below;

 "What is the portent of using Buhari’s in Boko Haram versus Federal Government Parley?" " Our attention, in the CPC has been drawn to a widely publicized news that our National Leader, Gen Muhammadu Buhari has been appointed to take part in a Boko Haram/Federal Government parley.
As a party, we are convinced that this is the latest gambit in the desire of this organically corrupt PDP-led Federal Government in diverting the attention of the unsuspecting Nigerian public from the on-going massive looting of their common patrimony.

Should government be negotiating with terrorists? Shouldn't they be arrested and prosecuted as criminals that they are? Continue to read the rest of the statement...

’’Without any scintilla of equivocation, General Muhammadu Buhari has never been directly or remotely connected with any insurrection or insurgency against the Nigerian Nation and her people.
He remains the quintessential Patriot that continues to magnetize the very best across the ethno-religious boundaries within the Nigerian nation-space. As we have stated in an earlier communication, the PDP, as a corporate entity, is the harbinger of the insecurity travails of the Nigerian People for the sole reason of ensuring perpetuity in governance.

’’From recollection of events of the last two years, there are three variants of the Boko-Haram: the original Boko-Haram that is at daggers drawn with the Nigerian authority for the extra-judicial killing of their leader; the criminal Boko-Haram that is involved in all criminality for economic reasons and of course, the most lethal of all, the Political Boko-Haram-which this PDP-led Federal Government represents.

’’The President, Dr Good-luck Jonathan had once alerted the nation of the ubiquitous presence of Boko-Haram in his government- a fact aptly amplified by his erstwhile National Security Adviser, General Andrew Azazi. Undoubtedly, the latest revelations by the State Security Services, SSS, on the complicity of the top echelon of the PDP leadership in Boko Haram activities aptly bear testimony of the noxious subterfuge to extirpate the essence of our nationhood.

’’We call on all Nigerians to reject this latest deceptive ploy by this PDP-led government and demand for more transparency in the governance of the Nation. As a Party, we remain unfazed by the cheap propagandist endeavours of the PDP, knowing that Nigerians are the best judge of the under-performance of this regime. God bless Nigeria.’’


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