Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Kanye West has released the new video for his single, 'Bound 2' starring his fiancee and baby mama, Kim Kardashian. The video almost looks like another porn movie by Kim K. Oh well, Kanye has been wanting his own version since Kim's first with Ray J, lol. Don't mind me, just kidding. But the Kardashian/Jenner clan and their love for baring their boobs sha.

Meanwhile the song has over 28,000 dislikes compared to just 8,00 likes. People are really blasting the song and the video. Read some of the comments on Youtube below + see more photos and the video after the cut...

Comments on Youtube;
Wow, technology is amazing. It can make Kanye seem like an even bigger asshole douche piece of shit AND it can digitally give liposuction to make Kim skinny. This shit sucks, seriously Kanye, you should start a vacuum it sucks so hard...  

SO UM WTF who do she think she is JLO or Bey or something! unclassy! and maybe this was a sex tape and it leaked out and Kanye decided to make it a music vid maybe that why its soo damn wack ! ughh~ ! Kanye you losing your title man..where your talent going. .... You a dad now so make something worth while cut the bull ish ! X:(
 I am very confused, can somebody explain me this? is this a joke? a parody?? or this is real?? what was that "aha honey" ?? lol and they expect us to believe that's kim body? well ok
wow this is horrid. the music is good but the music arrangement is atrocious. People accepting kanye singing or rap style (if you can call it rap) is grammer school written and delivered at best here.
All this bullshit about how they wanna privacy and then video when they almost fucked eachother. How can you respect their privacy... And that Kanye is shy ? Lot of bull.... Worst thing I ever seen and heard. Ps does Kanye need his Kim photoshopped to be in his video was he that ashamed ?
That was really bad. Musically and artistically just nonsensical crap. Poorly conceived and executed. If it wasn't for their existing fame, the world would be laughing at this bit of juvenile hubris. Not to say everything Kanye does is bad, Black Skinhead was a genius fusion of rap and metal. But this just sucked.
Wow, this is really bad. The wordplay is almost non-existent and what little there is is so bare bones, from a "lyrical genius" this sounds like bad high school lyrics. Lyrics and of course all of the, "and ey"s and the "BOW"s (bound?) The beat sounded decent at first but is basically a loop from start to finish besides a couple short soulful interjections which don't add anything but the feeling that they are totally out of place. Overrated musician, undercooked music, overblown ego.
Does he not realize that this is TERRIBLE! It's just horrible. Everything, The rap, Kim being a mother and being topless, the "music", there's no beat. The background has nothing to do with the lyrics AT ALL. It's just awful.
Dumbest video I've seen in FOREVER. The video is sooo bad it makes the song not even hot. Kim looks beautiful though and Kanye....well.....he looks like the dumb, ignorant, arrogant ass whole that he is.....


  1. The video could have been better. IT looks pretty amateur.
    The comments are unnecessarily harsh.

  2. The video is actually awful! The song...horrible. Nothing about it is nice, well, aside form Kim of course. But people are wicked sha, see such harsh comments.