Monday, 1 July 2013


Happy new month guys. This 2nd half of the year, you will accomplish all that you couldn't in the 1st half. Be prepared for inexplicable break through. Lines will fall in right places for you.

I must say, you have been my source of strength in the last 11 months when I started this blog. I thought of quitting several times due to the initial low visits, but then I started getting encouraged by the loyalty displayed by my readers. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Nekosi, Kyke, Alhavee, Chubby ELLA, and every single individual who has been to this blog. You all encourage me daily to keep forging ahead. 

Guys, the one year anniversary of this blog will be coming up next month, 26th of August to be precise. We are not where I pictured us to be but together, we can get there. I want us to hit the 1million page-view mark by then. Pls, pls guys, I need you. Pls, help me get your siblings, friends and colleagues to be a part of this family. Pls send the link out to all your BB contacts, Facebook friends, Twitter followers and every other social media you're on, and word of mouth also. I'm also hoping to get us nominated for the Nigerian blog awards. Nomination hasn't started yet, will keep you posted on that.

I also want us to make this blog more interactive. Pls, feel free to send in your stories, photos, fashion tips and tricks, anything. All you need to do is to let me know if you want  to remain anonymous or if you would like your name to be published. I love guys more than you could ever know and when the money starts rolling in *wink* which I know it will, trust me, we will all enjoy it together. I mean that. For those who comment under anonymous, pls try  and use a signature name so we can refer to each other by those names when discussing issues and also for future purposes.  Pls, guys, we can do this. Come rain come shine, you'll always be the loves of my life, after God, my hubby and my daughter, of course, hehe. Let's make this happen.

Yours truly,


  1. Nt 2 wori darlyn,u'l get dere in no tym,neva giv up,d sky is ur take off point. God bless u as u persevere. See u @ d top. #hugs#
    NB:Tnx 4 mentionin my name,neva knew iv been noticed.

  2. Hmmm! (RME). My name was not mentioned on the list of your blog visitor, am so jealous.. Maybe because i comment as an anonymous that is why. No probs sh: It wont stop me from sending ur blog link to all my bbm contacts. Thank me later when they start frequenting your blog.. My signature name is >>Millicleo<<

  3. Oooooo, I'm soooo touched. No worry, we go try our best. I love the background of this blog and it's easy to read the stories.

    Just a quick one Raquel, I see lots of typo errors in some of your stories, pls always review and get someone to review too. They are typo errors, not grammatical errors. U will definitely get there.
    Meanwhile, I don't want to remain anonymous, abeg na wetin I go do?

  4. Chubby Ella, *hugback*. Thanks to you too for being there for me. Millicleo, I like that you've decided to have a username, that's great, thanks. Alphavee, had a screen problem with my laptop, couldn't really see much. It was quite difficult to post like that but it's been rectified. Thanks dear. If you want to comment as alphavee, click on comment as: select open I.D or Name/URL and tyoe in the name you want your comment to appear as. Love you guys so much. Thanks.