Wednesday, 24 July 2013


I know one day some day, Sandra Rose of sandrarose.com, an American entertainment site, will read this. I opened your site today, as I do almost daily, and what I saw was beyond belief and quite disappointing. The caption of your post reads; New Nigerian Law Say Men Can Marry Baby Girls. I was taken aback by this caption because it is absolutely false. I went further to read the post and in it, you referred to the man in the photo above as 'Senator Yerima, posing with his child bride, left, and holding his baby bride.' This is another completely false reference! It's disappointing that you didn't even take a few minutes to get your facts on this sensitive issue right. That man in the picture is NOT Senator Yerima. 'And holding his baby bride'? That's not even a baby girl but a boy, SMH! You're a blogger with quite an impressive readership and you owe your readers the truth!

Yes, the new amendment in section 29 says that a married underage girl is now deemed to be a full adult in the country;
Section 29 (1) of the 1999 Constitution states: “Any citizen of Nigeria of full age who wishes to renounce his Nigerian citizenship shall make a declaration in the prescribed manner for the renunciation.”
Sub-section (4a) states: “Full age means the age of 18 years and above”, while (4b) says: “Any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age.”

Considering the power of the media, I personally appreciate a little research before writing on such sensitive political issues. Few seconds on Google and you would have gotten the right photo of Senator Yerima. I am not a fan of Yerima, infact I think very lowly of him but pls, don't paint a frustrating picture of Nigeria.

See the degrading post HERE.


  1. africaintels.com24 July 2013 at 18:16

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  2. Thanks Rakel for firing back at her. Nigeria has become a play thing to her. Mtcheeeew.

  3. I just checked the link. I don't think She said the man in the picture's the Senator. She said just below the picture 'Correction: Even though Nigerian Senator Ahmed Yerima did marry a 13-year-old girl, that is not the senator pictured above'
    Also, that write-up looks so amateurish. It's as if a secondary School person wrote it. I don't know who madam Rose is but She obviously lacks professional training. I'm indifferent to the piece cos I see it as nothing, written by someone with a little above nothing in her head.
    Nothing can't produce something.

  4. @ Nekosi, that's exactly what she wrote yesterday. She must have changed it.

    1. O! ok.
      Still, Her story doesn't move me. I saw some grammatical errors in the write-up sef...