Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola celebrated his 50th birthday a few days ago. There's however, controversy surrounding the cakes at the party. As you can see, two of of the cakes in the picture above  depict the governor's obvious support of Manchester United. This has unfortunately angered some Lagosians and Nigerians. Should this be an issue? See some of their comments below;

Dare: Nigeria's Leaders' Shallow Mentality: Even at levels as high as the governor's office, they still subscribe to the silly mentality of supporting foreign institutions blindly to the detriment of their own. Is the Lagos State government a shareholder in the Manchester United football business or what? How come a British football club, 6,500 kilometres away is being given free advert while the Stationery Stores FC of Lagos State is totally crippled and is not on the world's football radar? I just don’t understand the sense behind these ugly cakes.


What purpose do these symbols of cakey "bitter" cakes (with full insignia of Lagos State imposed side by side that of Man U logo) serve the interests of Lagosians except to continually get investments, recognition, etc., out of the state in favour of Manchester, UK which sadly still, did not solicit for the advert in any way? What about the effect this picture will have on unsuspecting, young, impressionable and naive minds in many years to come? I just can't come to terms with this childish idea at Fashola’s 50th birthday. It just steers logic on its head.

I love Fashola but I'm really disappointed at this anomaly at his 50th birthday. Hear this! Governor Fashola, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Governor Rotimi Amaechi, the management of Manchester United does not even know you guys exit, so please stop deluding yourselves and get on with the business of empowering your people and country. These Nigerian dealers (not leaders) must be jesters fit only for the circus. What a shame!

Muyiwa: the picture shows they are not the solution to nigeria. that i am the solution.. is that what you are telling me. i watch nigeria local league every week. There is nothing bad in nigeria league. they play very well. 3sc have mutiu adegoke , adeboye, , adeshina, moses ogaga,rangers enugu team have Godwin Ayalogu,uche Okafor,Nnaemeka Anyasodo

Cyntia: But i think the three cakes were a bit too much for a public official in a country where our fellow country men are suffering. It's kinda elitist and out of touch.

 Pricillia: May your days be long Guv.

Whoever dreamt up the idea of putting that Man-U cake up for public display needs to be dangled at the end of fishing rod! 

Kween: for a leader,truly it's quite bafflin...woulda felt much better wit d national colors or even d lagos state's or logo...but its all gud!

Dear Readers, What is you own take on this?


  1. STUPIDITY at it's peak..... They really need to stop smoking whatever it is they are smoking.. I see the thought they are trying to validate, and it's a dumb point. It's so utterly and completely senseless and I am pissed at myself for not stopping at Dare's post. Mssssshhhheeeewwwwwwwww
    Their thoughts don't deserve a retort at all...

  2. Nekosi mama! c grammar, na wa o! mke i go school 2 like u!

  3. hehehehe, Nekosi na dictionary o. Don't let her come after you with grammar that will scatter ya head o. lol.