Thursday, 6 June 2013


Omotola Jalade Ekeinde was recently honored as one of Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People in the World and according to a Nigerian blogger, Sheifunmi, she paid $650,000 (approximately 100 million naira) to be on that list. I doubt the authenticity of this allegation but just read all the same.

Meanwhile, see what Omotola told Encomium magazine about her experience being on the Times 100 list after the cut.

According to Sheifunmi;

"Before we get into it and stans or celebrities with mild relevance start coming at me with a bullet-less gun thinking they have a shot, let’s get one thing out of the way; This is a gossip type website. Any information contained on this site is reported as rumor and not actual facts unless receipts(proofs) are shown, official news/confirmation from a celeb’s rep/camp or i am talking about my own experiences. Do not take offense to any material on this site because everyone has the right to their side of the story. I am willing to hear all sides. Anyone in this industry, including myself will be subject to being put on blast. What you see is what you get! This is all for your own entertainment purposes… Now moving on.

An insider who happens to work closely with the most loved actress squealed details about Omotola making 2013 TIME Magazine 100 (Most Influential People in the World) list, stating that the actress paid a whooping sum of 650,000 dollars (which is over a 100 million naira if converted) to get a slot on that list.

Now i don’t know how true this is but i won’t find it amusing if she paid to make the list. Rich people (especially Nigerians) tend to pay for a lot of things (like Grammy,MTV,Bet award tickets which comes in different packages but the one they mostly go for is the full package with the hotel covered, access to Clive David’s pre-grammys party, red carpet, a seat next to a celebrity and after party, Forbes list, etc) to get recognised or live that ‘party with celebrities’ lifestyle."

Omotola with Justin Timbalake
 Omotola talks about her experience being on the Times 100 list;
"It's a great honour. Sometimes you really don't know your worth and people around you may just take you for granted. I was selected for a number of reasons. From what I was told, they watch a lot of my movies up there. The person who wrote my profile is actually the movie critic for Time magazine. He had been introduced to some of my movies. He also got to know about my other activities, including human rights activism and others. They also conducted opinion polls from those that follow what's going on in Nollywood. I think the opinion of the organisers is based on this. I wasn't the only person picked from Africa. There was another guy from Egypt but he's white and lives in the US. He is a blogger. I was the only black African honoured and out of the 100 honorees, they only picked 20 of our portraits displayed in the Time Work of Fame, and my picture was there. Not only that, it was given the pride of place. One thin I noticed was that from the moment I stepped onto the red carpet, I was treated like a queen. I was on one of the best tables, sitting with US Vice President, Joe Biden and others. I think it was a good moment for Africa. It was one of the few moments I felt like Africa has arrived.


  1. unrealistic.. even though m not her fan, dont tink she would pay that much for fame.

  2. Absolute bull shit! Nigerians are in the habit of bringing down their very own especially when u're successful. I don't give a fuck bout Omotola but let's be realistic, no amount of hatred or stupid insinuation can change the fact that she made it. Get over it people and learn to celeberate your own!!!

  3. It just doesn't seem right.I'm actually not a fan but sure she wouldn't do that.She's earned it and that is what it is.Respect to her.

  4. well.... If she did, then that's just pathetic. With Nigerians sha, it's hard to decipher truth from lies cos sometimes we do the most ridiculous things cos we have the money to do them. So, if it turns out that she did, I won't be surprised.