Friday, 21 June 2013


The new parents have finally come to an agreement on what to call their daughter. Kim wanted her to be called Kaidence Donda West, while Kanye wanted North West. The baby daddy won this round as the baby has been named North West, with no middle name. Chai, I feel bad for this little one. I see lots and lots of bullying in her future.

Read what E!, producers of Kim's reality show, wrote on their website;

Finally, Baby Kimye has a name! E! News has confirmed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's little daughter is named...North West. Forget One Direction, this little girl goes 'em one better with two directions. A source close to the couple confirms to E! News that the girl's name is North West, with no middle name. According to a source, "They will call her Nori for short. She has black straight hair! Lots of it! Looks like a good mix of both of them [Kanye and Kim] but more like Kim," says the source. "She's adorable! Kanye is so in love with her. He won't leave her side."

'Nori' for short? North has one syllable while Nori has two. So how is it Nori for short? They should just say they are ashamed of the name North but are sticking with it 'cos it sounds great for a business name or a line of something, clothing or perfume line maybe. As expected, comments coming in on Twitter are hilarious. Read after the cut...

"I was drinking soda as a read this and almost drowned in my soda from all my laughter..this has to be a freakin joke..poor kid..maybe she was delirious from the pain during birth"

"I was on Gossip Cop and nearly died of laughter. I feel so bad for this child. North West. Wow. They could have named her Norah West or something."

"I was surprised at first.... but then remembered how moronic those two are. poor child."

"Not even Kim & kanye's fortunes combined could pay for the amount of therapy this kid will need for being named North West."
"So Blue Ivy got the stripper name, and North West got the direction to the strip club? Nice, team work."
"Maybe I'm just getting punk'd.. Ashton.. Where you at? North west is a joke right?"

 "What wicked parents! That baby is nothing but a toy to those two idiots."

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