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In the on going controversy surrounding Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola's marriage to Kayode Salako, the actress who introduced them to each other bared all in this interview with E247. She claims Kayode changed after Foluke and herself visited a seer. She's expressed her regret at introducing Foluke to Kayode now that Kayode's wife has been kicked out of her matrimonial home with her 3 kids.  It's long o but quite interesting, enjoy;

I have refrained from discussing this issue any further; because of the unsavory things I might have to say to clear the air. However, I have received so many calls from  friends asking me to clear the air on the matter for posterity. 

In the spirit of fairness, I wish to set the records straight regarding  my relationships with FolukeDaramola and KayodeSalako; her purported husband. I have read with pain in my heart the gibberish with which the two of them responded to my soul cleansing comments and feel highly obliged to tell the world the story as it is without  garnishing it. It is sad that KayodeSalako in his reply said that “if Foluke is feeding him with juju, that it is okay with him because she has brought value to his life!” What a pity? Anyway, I didn’t expect anything different in his reply, because he is under remote control. 

And Foluke on her part chose to deride me by saying that, now that they are married, that it is important that I, her friend should step aside. I truly wish her well. After all, the evil that men do, lives after them.
Kayode wants to give people the impression that I live off men, interesting.  So how come I refused to date him for three years that we were friends, when he was begging, pestering and offering to dazzle  me with money and gifts? Why did I have to tell him to go out with my friend instead? I understand that he is presently under pressure to save his face with lies. I thank God that I am not indecent like the numerous girls he was parading in his supposed Fasholamania Club which we all know was a frivolous opportunity he used to jump from one girl’s bed to another.   
Thank God that Kayode admitted  that his beloved wife, Foluke was poor when I introduced them to each other. So knowing Foluke so well about her greed, would she had truly known a senator who was ready to part with N5m for me, and truly introduce such a person to me? Especially when she’s broke as she was? The answer is ‘no.’  She is just on a smear campaign against me, because the truth is now staring her in the face. 
‘I am sure that Foluke remembers that day in July when I was about releasing my movie ‘Ife Jaiyeju.’ She called me to come over to Marwa Gardens to take her to her friend, Simisola’s place. I was just meant to drop her there, then she and Simisola would go  wherever they wanted to  go. But since I was driving, they both asked that I drive them to the place they wanted to  go. For  the sake of friendship, I drove them in my car  as they demanded. It was when we got to the destination  that she disclosed to me  that they were there to meet  a seer. We all entered to see the man. She introduced me to the man as her friend and it showed  she had been there before. The man asked me  what I wanted and I told him that my movie will soon be released and  that I wanted the movie to be a success in the market. He asked me if I have a secret, that if I did, he will tell Foluke and Simisola to go out while I share it with  him. I told him I do not have. So he told them not to go out. The man then gave me a plate of  sand to pray into it with N1000. I did. After that, he said I should come back with N50,000. I told him that I was just there for the first time, so I did not have that amount of money on me.
However, when it got to Foluke’s turn, she told the man that she had a secret. So the man told Simisola and I to go out. We went into my car and started gisting. After about twenty minutes, Foluke came out, entered the car and we drove off.

Surprisingly,  two weeks after our visit to the seer, I was driving down to my  office, I saw Kayode driving  Foluke’s car. He was so happy, that  he said; “thank you Bukola for introducing me to Foluke, she is indeed powerful because she has delivered me from my wife’s bondage. I can see that Foluke’s power is stronger than my wife’s own. That is why my wife has packed out of our home because she couldn’t overcome Foluke.”

Initially, I could  not really make up exactly what  said until I got to my office and gave it much thought. It was then it dawned on me that Kayode’s wife has truly packed out of her  matrimonial home.

The next day,  I went to Foluke’s house to ask her what was going on. Foluke simply replied me in Yoruba , “Ti tenikan o babaje, tielomiran ole dara” (meaning: One man’s road has to be closed for another man’s road to  open.) Before I left, I told her to do a re-think about the whole matter. Little did I know that she had decided to stop calling me. The fourth day, I saw Foluke coming out of Kayode’s house, since I live in the same area too. But I did not call her because it fell short of my expectations. Shortly after, I started seeing her around the area with her children. My conscience  started pricking me. Foluke started dodging me. When I saw Foluke again, I advised her to allow the man to return to his wife. That she should remain in the background. She said she has heard. Later, I called Kayode and told him that he should keep his relationship with Foluke  in the background so that his wife could return home. He said no, that he would rather lose his wife than to lose Foluke.

‘But this was the same man that immediately after I introduced Foluke to him,  said  he loves his wife, that they both started together, that she is a Godly woman, that he will never marry another woman, that he only needed somebody that will be taking care of him outside since his wife is reserved and not out-going. So I was dazed to suddenly see his change of attitude and mind few days after Foluke took Simisola and I to meet the seer. Few days to the marriage she suddenly called me that she would be celebrating her birthday and  the introduction ceremony of her marriage  together. We both sat in the car for about two hours discussing about the whole issue. I told her to have a re-think and not go ahead with the wedding. Foluke met Kayode February 13, 2012 and the woman moved out of her husband’s home about  July. I told her it was an act of desperation on her part to consider marriage to Kayode with such happenings. That was when I told her that I regretted introducing Kayode to her. 
Curiosity took me to her birthday. On getting there I was surprised to see a wedding taking place. Her mother called me aside and asked  me why I told Foluke not to go ahead with the wedding. And why did I tell Foluke that I regretted introducing Foluke to Kayode. She started abusing me that I was not happy with the wedding. ‘That anybody that does not want the marriage to take place that God will scatter their lives.’
I told her it was  not about curse but reality. That though I introduced them to each other, the man had wife with kids, that it was  not right that when Foluke met Kayode, the wife and children suddenly  packed out of the house. I left the event  and since then, my conscience has not allowed  me to  rest. Since then, Foluke and Kayodehave  not called me.  
I must also state here with all sense of humility, that I was born noble and brought up with the highest level of commitment to the ideals of discipline and good behaviours, which have  reflected in my attitude to life and relationship with fellow humans.

Kayode and I met a couple of years ago and he proposed I manage his image, which I volunteered to do as a professional. In the course of work, he asked me to become his lover, which of course I rejected vehemently for about a year, as I am blessed with a blossoming relationship, which I still guard with the highest sense of dedication till date.
It is very imprudent of Kayode to paint himself in the garb of my benefactor as I have  never asked him for money at anytime and never equally received any other form of empathy from him except on one occasion when out of his freewill sent me   N5,000.00 recharge cards.
I challenge Kayode to refute my claim that when  he was once broke he  asked  me for a loan of N100,000.00, which I gave to him. Of course, I have  never discussed this with anyone until this moment that it became necessary to set the record straight..

The said Kayode in his attempt to shore up his benefactor-status, claimed I brought before him my dreams for the constituency I cherish most, the less privileged of our society; will somebody please explain to me when it became a sin to share one’s views and ideas? However in his own case, I can  unequivocally say that, I  have never taken  my dreams or vision  before Kayode for assistance and he has  never rendered any of such to me or my organization.  I want to remind him if his memory has started failing him so soon that I was the one who proposed the Change Agent as an organization to him at Mama’s restaurant and not his ‘commanding wife’ as he erroneously  claims now.

Now, I am even wiser, I thank God that I left the Change Agent project for them because I can now see that the Change Agent is all about changing or removing  wives from homes and bringing in mistresses.
On his relationship with Foluke and his claim that I am the devil’s advocate, I think he needs to do some soul searching. Why does he keep jumping from one Prophet to the order in search of nothing, but to test the veracity of his claim that Foluke is his ordained wife? I really pity this guy. 

In addition, Kayode claims that I said, “I would have fallen in love with him and married him if I dated him”; I want to say without any sense of remorse that I  have never felt anything towards him at any point and could not have imagined dating him, let alone fall in love or marry another man’s husband. I am sure he must have mistaken me for Foluke when he said that; we look alike facially, at least that’s what people keep saying!  

I am also highly displeased with FolukeDaramola’s shameless claims concerning me; she has never been of any help to me as I have never had any cause to  make any request any from her. She is said to have flaunted her ill-gotten vehicle as a prized jewel, I will not flaunt my achievements in an altercation of this sort and I am rest assured, she didn’t mean to say that to me.
She knows too  well that all my achievements were through a dint of hard work and dedication to professionalism, not backstabbing, backbiting and definitely, not immorality. I am self-made through the aid of God’s benevolence and I thank Him for that.

I wish to  state at this point that I am the C. E. O. of a Media outfit  and I equally pay back to the society that made me through a Foundation that cares for the less privileged and  the needy, with testimonies from those we have been fortunate to  benefit from the organisation, so Kayode and Foluke  should relent in their attempts to dress me up as a needy. I thank God that I am not a less privileged requiring their assistance, they probably would have claimed to be my creator.

On a more humble note, I wish to re-affirm to the two of them for the records, that God has blessed me  in terms of wealth, attitude and humility than the said boastful Kayode, and instead of retracing her steps, Foluke in her arrogance, she is rather trying to impress and distract the world that I am jealous of her and her achievements.

My soul cleansing will not be dampened by their unrepentant souls, so I want to say that I regret introducing Foluke to Kayode, because when I did, it was in order for them to synergize their business ideas and assist each other in anyway they think appropriate, but events have taken a different turn today, with Kayode’s wife being chased out of her matrimonial home by Foluke and her bewitched husband.
I do not wish to suffer similar fate in life and that is why I am doing this soul cleansing not because as the two of them claim that I am pained by their sordid misdeeds, which they have surreptitiously entwined me into. Glory be to God for His mercies, I have broken loose from the bondage through my confession and prayers for forgiveness; Hallelujah. I also pray for those of you that are alleging that I am being jealous, I wish you the best of luck and pray that God will not put you in such shoes that I and Kayode’s wife have been forced to wear by these two people without conscience.

What they need now is prayers from all of those who care about good life and good living, so please pray for Foluke and Kayode. They need it badly and don’t know it. After all the Bible says, “man perishes for his ignorance”.
On a final note, if Foluke and Kayode have done well in their dealings, time will tell and God, the impartial final arbiter will definitely judge.

I have received a lot of calls, some positive some negative on the matter. I am not surprised on the negative response I got, that is natural; everybody can not be on the same path or level with you, that is natural. But I  have observed one thing that some of my critics are from the camp of Foluke who pretended to be neutral on the issue. Anyway, like I said earlier, everybody cannot like me at the same time, so I am not moved or bothered by that.

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