Sunday, 17 March 2013


I told you guys awhile back that Charly Boy's cousin, Emeka Aseme, was killed, here is what really happened, Charly Boy's reaction and a very, very sickening photo of Emeka's dismembered body. Pls, don't click on the read more if you cannot stomach seeing a decomposing body with missing parts. It's really bad and saddening, it will mess up your day and stay with you for a long time.
Charly Boy's cousin, Emeka Aseme, a business tycoon and a hotelier was forcefully taken away by gun wielding men during one of his visits to his hotel in Oguta, Imo state on 24th February. Aseme's family managed to contact the abductors who demanded N8m ransom, which the family paid but Emeka was not released to them. On the 9th of March, the men who took the hotelier contacted his younger brother and directed him to go to a community between Owerri and Oguta called Okwonji, to find him brother. Emeka's decomposed body was found in a bush path, with his sexual organ , eyes and the heart plucked out.


About five suspected hired assassins have been arrested in connection with the incident. This has twisted the suspicion of many people who had earlier thought that the killers were kidnappers.
Also one of the killers allegedly sustained serious injuries during the shootout with the three policemen who were manning Emeka’s hotel in Oguta. The three policemen were all killed. The injured kidnapper who ran to a hospital in Port Harcourt was requested to present his military identity card before treatment, since he went to the hospital on a military uniform. Unable to provide any proof that he was a military man, the police were invited, leading to his arrest. Five of the killers have already been arrested, and police investigations have revealed that the supposed kidnappers were actually hired assassins.
Charly Boy reacted to his cousin's gruesome killing, saying:
"I have never seen a thing like this since I grew up in Oguta. This is extreme barbarism. How can a man be so callous to his fellow man to the extent of removing different parts of his body until he finally gave up? This is unheard of. What is this country turning to? What era is this?  As far as I know, no evil doer will go unpunished. Every evil committed by man to man must surely be redressed, if not now, certainly later, if not by man, then by God, for the victory of evil over good is temporary. We are waiting for the outcome of police investigation. After then, we will take the campaign to Oguta. We must agitate for peace. The peace that has eluded us must be returned. We are not known for this.”

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