Sunday, 9 December 2012


63-year-old widow, Mrs. Janet Ogbonna, an  indigene of Imo State, is suffering from malignant cancer of the anus. Her son, Uchechukwu, has practically abandoned his university studies to help his dying mother. She has  been rejected by the family of her husband because of the illness. Her son, Uchechukwu, was in tears as he speaks about his mother's pains. He is calling on the Imo State governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha, to come to the aid of the family. She needs N10.8 million for treatment in India.

Uchechukwu's words, “I am no longer thinking of my school; even to feed is a problem. I cannot feed in that condition that I see my mother day-in, day-out. My mother is in pains. She cannot sit down; she cannot even stand up right. Do you know how my mother sleeps, she sleep on her knees daily as if she is praying. ‘I want government at all levels to hear her case. I want my mother to live again because that is all I have. My father died at a very tender stage of my life my mother has been taking care of us. I don’t want to lose her.”

At  the time of this report, the owner of their one-room apartment in Refinery Road, Effurun in Uvwie Local Government area, Delta State has served the family  quit notice. Pls, if any government official or anyone capable of providing help in any way is reading this, kindly come to the aid of this woman. 

You can assist by paying into this First Bank Account Number: 2006458236 with name Ogbonna  Chidi  Uchechukwu. Continue to read the how bad her and urgent her situation is after the cut...

 Mrs. Ogbonna was diagnosed of the cancer of the anus in 2008 at the Federal Medical Center, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Umuahia, Abia State. For the past six years, she has not laughed;  sorrow has been her companion, as she moved across  the country in search of cure for the strange illness.

Besides the excruciating pain, Mrs. Ogbonna is passing through an offensive odour that oozes out of her room;  she can neither walk nor stand straight because of the ailment. On the ejection  notice to the family, Uchechukwu said, “The worst is that we have been given a quit notice to vacate the one-room apartment we are staying in, That has compounded our problem and, you know the people of this area, nobody will allow my mother to pack into his or her compound in that condition. That is the reason I am calling for help to raise N10.8 million for her treatment in India. We have gone to churches, hospitals but nothing seems to be happening. I do not want to lose my only surviving parent now; hence I am making this passionate appeal for the public to come to our aid.

“Please we beg the public to come our aid. Please, we beg the public to help us to survive this. Now, the ailment has degenerated from the stage we were referred to India for proper treatment.”

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