Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Police are making progress in giving justice to the families of the Aluu 4. Yesterday, police announced that they have arrested two major suspects in the lynching of  19-year-old Lloyd Toku ( 200 level Civil Engineering); 18-year-old Ugonna Obuzor (200 level  Geology student); 20-year-old Chiadika Biringa, (200 level Theatre Arts student); and Tekena Erikena, a 20-year-old  a diploma (Technical).

The IG said “I want to announce that we have made a breakthrough in the Aluu killings. The two main suspects in the case have been arrested and they will be prosecuted,” he said. The arrest brings the number of suspects arrested by the police to 23.

The police is yet to arrest the debtor, Lucky Lelebori Coxson a.k.a Bright who raised the false alarm that led to the death of the innocent young men.

Read what some of the suspects had to say and how easy it is for people to judge others after then cut...

However, two of the suspects, who admitted taking part in the mob action, claimed that their involvement was “minimal”. While the first suspect, David Chinasa Ugbaje, said he only hit the students twice, another suspect, Ikechukwu Loius Amadi, claimed that he only beat the students once with a small stick.

Ugbaje, who said he was a cobbler,  described one of the students as his customer.
He said, “Around 7am on that day, I saw a crowd beating four boys. I asked who the four men were and they (crowd) said they were armed robbers.
“So, along the line, we went there. I opened the gate and they entered.  I could not control the crowd. 

They pointed at one of our co-tenants; the name of the person is Bright.
“Some people said they wanted to break Bright’s door. So, they started beating the boys very seriously. They took them out from my street. I now left the house. I only beat them twice.”
Ugbaje added that while one policeman at the scene of the incident pleaded with the mob to hand over the students to them, another beat the students.

 “Along the line, two policemen arrived. One of the policemen was pleading (for the boys), the other one joined in beating the boys. After beating the boys, the police now said the boys should be handed over to them. The crowd shouted, ‘We no go gree, we no go gree,” he said.
The second suspect, Ikechukwu Louis Amadi, a printer whose business is located within the UNIPORT campus, said that he only hit Toku, Obuzo, Biringa and Erikena once.
He said, “I was ready to go to my work. When I came out to pick a bike, I saw a crowd. I saw four boys, they were already naked. I shifted a bit to verify. They told me that these four boys came to rob, to steal.
“I asked them where they were taking them to. They said they were taking them to Number 9, Coca Cola Street where they lived. They mentioned one of our neighbours that they came to look for him. So, I followed the crowd. At the end, they started beating the boys mercilessly. To be sincere, I hit them once.”

But Segun Lawal, the third suspect, said he did not take part in the beating. He claimed he raised his hands and appealed to the mob not to kill the students. Lawal, a taxi driver, explained that he was arrested after his return from a business trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch on Saturday.


  1. They are not saying the truth, if tortured they will confess. set of heartless people.

  2. Once, twice, altogether they all contributed to their death and they must pay.

  3. That main killer dat wuz hitting dem wit plank and dat guy wit bald head shlld be arrested joor,,his face is not here,I wil recognise his face if I see him.