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Lulu, Leo and surviving sister, Nessie(obscured)
I read this story and my heart bled for this woman. A mother, Marina Krim, returned to her luxurious Manhattan apartment around 5.30pm on Thursday to find her two-year-old son and six-year-old daughter had been stabbed to death in the bathtub by their nanny, who then slit her own throat in a failed suicide attempt.

She arrived at the  apartment with her other daughter, three-year-old Nessie, to find son Leo and daughter Lulu lying in a pool of blood each with multiple stab wounds. The nanny, 50-year-old Yoselyn Ortega, survived her suicide attempt and is in police custody. Neighbours said they heard the mother screaming saying "You slit her throat!" and that it was horrible.

RIP little angels. Sincerely, only God understands why, 'cos I don't. Pls continue to read more of this horrifying incident... 
Mrs Krim, returned home after Ortega, the nanny, failed to meet her and Nessie for swimming lessons with the other children.She entered the apartment but found it dark. She returned to the lobby to ask the doorman if he had seen the children and, when he said they had not left, she returned to the home and looked through each room. She finally switched on the bathroom lights and discovered the horrifying scene. There she found Ortega on the floor with a slit throat and with her wrists cut and bleeding, with a kitchen knife was nearby. Mrs Krim also found her two children in the bathtub with stab wounds covering their bodies, and then tried to stop the nanny's neck from bleeding with a towel, according to the Post. She started screaming at the top of her lungs. She was screaming, "Help me! Help me!  

"Neighbours dialed 911 and, although Lulu and Leo reportedly appeared to be breathing when medics arrived, they were pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. Ortega was unresponsive but was taken to New York-Cornell Hospital in a critical but stable condition. She was in a stable condition on Friday morning and police sources say she may have also taken pills. Mrs Krim was also taken to hospital for treatment, and was sedated. A neighbour said the woman had left the building 'inconsolable, hysterical, frantic'.  

Her husband, Kevin Krim, a CBNC executive, had been on a business trip and was met by police at the airport when he returned to New York. Officers recounted the horror to him and he was escorted to the hospital. Mr and Mrs Krim remained at St. Luke's hospital last night with Mrs Krim's sister. Police said the shocked mother was unable to communicate.  

The family hired Ortega a year ago, until which time Mrs Krim had been a stay-at-home mother. When Leo was born, they searched for a nanny. They even spent nine days with her (the nanny) family in the Dominican Republic, as documented on Mrs Krim's online journal. Ortega has no criminal record. Ortega's niece, Katherine Garcia, said that her aunt had been 'acting kind of nervous lately' but insisted that she had loved the children. Police said there were no immediate explanations for the murders and suicide attempt. 

 Mrs Krim, who teaches weekly art lessons to children, kept an online journal entitled 'Life with the Krim Kids', which she had last updated just three hours before the murders.  She had written: 'Leo speaks in the most adorable way possible.'
Nanny Ortega with Lulu and her surviving sister Nessie(obscured)
The nanny, Ortega, being rushed to the hospital

Mother Marina Krim leaves the apartment building in the company of NYPD officers

Late Lulu with her parents

Paramedics rush one of the harmed out of the apartment but it was too late
Lulu, Leo and their mum
People pay respect at the memorial of the children

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