Tuesday, 2 October 2012


The terrorist group, Boko Haram, has threatened the wives of Nigerian security agents and government officials in a new video posted on you tube by the leader of the radical Islamist sect, Abubakar Shekau, in Hausa language. He claimed the nation's military and security agencies have seized 7 women who are wives of Boko Haram members and that the women had been raped by the captors. 

He also denied that his group is in any peace talks to end the violence that has killed hundreds in the country and also denied claims that the spokesman for the sect Abul Qaqa had been killed by Nigeria's military. He said the group would continue to "follow our religion" and carry out attacks in Nigeria's predominantly Muslim north.  In the eight-minute message titled “Message to the World, Shekau said,

”This message is for those in authority (emirs, governors, and government officials) who have been conspiring against us, against our commitment and worship to Allah. Wallahi you have no resting place again and no resting time again, either we are here or we are not"
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"First, insults against the prophet, evil plots against him, making blasphemous movies against him, all these will do no harm to Islam, anybody plotting this will surely pay for it. Everybody knows what this statement entails. Everybody should wait and see what we will do regarding this".

According to him, “the message is for three purposes: all plans against Prophet Mohammed and Muslims will not succeed; the second is that they were arresting and molesting members who are just serving Allah;

"We did not even talk and now they have continued capturing our women. This week, about seven women were captured and we don’t even know where they are, but they are being held by infidels, enemies of Allah. In fact, they are even having sex with one of them. At one point in the video, Shekau laughed and said:  "You should wait and see what's going to happen to your own wives."

“In another way, they are spreading that we are dialoguing with them, it is a blatant lie. There is nobody that we are dialoguing with. It is a lie and mischief that they are talking with Boko Haram using fake names, and they are boasting that they have found solution. It is a lie, you have not found the solution. Rubbish and useless liars, there is no single person that you have sat with.
“SSS, they are fighting Shekau in their thinking but Allah is by the side watching, and I am alive, healthy and no one had killed me. Allah is with us. We are working for Allah, and not attacking Muslims but infidels, we are not against Ummah but those against work of Allah.” Abubakar Shekau says in the video which appears to have been posted on Sunday.

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